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2013 MS Cape Cod Getaway and Philadelphia ACS Bike-a-Thon

Posted by on August 7, 2013

MS Cape Cod Getaway – June 29-30

I rode 150 miles in the MS Cape Cod Getaway on June 29-30 with the Comcast Xfinity team thanks to my sponsors – Bill & Carol S, Jim and Sue F, John F, Lisa Q, Mory B, Bobbie A, Patricia H, Rosemary C, and Wally H. I raised $500 and the 4 person team raised a total of $2,510. The ride had a total of 2,100 riders and raised over $2M.

The ride itself was challenging as it is a hilly course with many turns resulting in little time to set back an cruise. The first day started with a hard rain as we arrived at the starting line, by start time the rain stopped but the course remain wet and slick. As we rode we quickly were soaking wet and about 10 miles from the first day end point in Buzzards Bay, it starting raining very hard. We finished the first day of 75 miles very well with less than 30 riders arriving before us. George and I averaged 18mph over the 75miles with a 2,300′ elevation gain. Day 2 started in the fog with heavy clouds and very high humidity. As the ride progressed the temperature climbed steadily to about 80 and the humidity was extreme. Once again a short time into the ride I was soaked but from the sweat due to the humidity and this took its toll as I did not have the energy and power I had the first day. I averaged 17.6mph for the day with another 2,300′ of elevation gain – still an improvement in average MPH over last year. The Ferry boat ride back to Boston from Provincetown was fun with great music and people. Upon arriving in Boston and getting to our hotel for the night I was totally spent and very dehydrated and hit the bed. It was another good year with fun people and a real test of biking skill and stamina.

2013 Bike-a-thon - ready to ride!

2013 Bike-a-thon – ready to ride!

Philadelphia ACS Bike-a-Thon – July 14

I rode 100 miles in the American Cancer Society  Philadelphia Bike-a-Thon with the Auxilium team and thanks to my sponsors РBill & Carol S, Mark D, Rosemary C, and Deepak C. I raised $260 and the 33 member Auxilium team raised over $17,800. The ride had a total of 3,130 riders and raised over $1.2M.

The ride itself was a very flat course with little elevation gain but MANY turns. The ride starts at the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia heading out to near the New Jersey shore and ending at park in New Jersey near the Wharton Woods. At about 25 miles into the ride we were feeling good, the sun was behind the clouds and the humidity was not overwhelming, so we took the turn for the 100 mile course. As we did the sun emerged from the clouds and due to all the rain during the prior week the humidity soared. We were quickly soaked in sweat and were working hard to maintain our body fluids stopping for water at each aid station and using electrolytes add-in. As we hit about 2.5 hours into the ride, the temperature broke 90 and would get as high as 95 and remain in the 90s for the remaining 3 hours it took us to finish. This was the first 100 mile ride ever for George and he pounded out the miles through the Wharton State Forest with me in a good tag team. At about 75-80 miles I started to have leg cramps in both calves and thighs and would for the remainder of the ride – also about this point the wind picked up into a head wind further testing our strength. Although the last 20 miles were tough with the wind and cramps slowing our average speed down, we finished in 5:05 of on bike time averaging right at 20mph for the 101 miles. George and I were the only Auxilium team members to ride the 100 mile route and some of the first finishers on the 100 mile course. We showered quickly and grabbed a bite before jumping on the bus for the fun ride back to Philadelphia. This was another good time and tough ride!


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